Love Is Dead: Show 205

Tonight The B brings together that which no man can put asunder:  The Blues & Break Ups.  The Blues specialize in break up music.  There is no denying it.  Love is Dead is the theme tonight, but no worries, somehow this “glass is half full” gal will leave you feeling better by the end of the hour.

Grab a box of tissue and cry it out tonight.  It’s all right, it’s all good.

Musical guest include: Sonny Boy Williamson, Guitar Slim, Buddy Guy, Aretha Franklin, and even a little Joe Cocker, and more.

Picture 225

Black Drop Coffee House




3 thoughts on “Love Is Dead: Show 205

  1. Love is all around you, and it’s never a possession, we just dwell on what we ought to share, amen, hope you have the kleenex near, i have experienced the impossible, don’t give up quite yet


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