Classic 30’s: Show 212

Riffing off the 20’s the 1930’s start off with a whimper and end in a bang.  Music, especially the blues, fits in no matter what the countries economic situation.  Boosie brings her top blues attitude tonight; sing it out, tell it like it is, and don’t hold back!

Ever hear of “Fan Art”?  Well the B has some “Fan Music” submitted by a follower of this blog, Johnny from TEXAS JOHNNY AND THE NIGHT OWL BLUES BAND, “The Hottest New Blues in South Texas” sent in some music that fits in perfectly with tonight’s theme, sets the stage for this (almost) sober decade.

 The Night Owls are: DENNIS GILLEY: Keyboards, Drums, Bass, WAYNE DAVIS: Lead Guitar, MIKE PARKS: Rhythm Guitar, Singer-songwriter, “HARPIN’ ” TRACY HERRON: Harmonica, and “TEXAS” JOHNNY CORNETT: Lead Vocals, Percussion.  To learn more about this band, visit their web site:  Texas Johnny and the Night Owls Blues Band 

Also on the show: a rare recording of Aunt Molly Jackson, James Cotton, Rev. Gary Davis, Sippie Wallace, Led Belly, Mamie Smith, Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, Big Bill Broonzy and more…


Picture 069

Old Town Cafe



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